Supported Express Payment Gateways

Express checkout buttons display at the top of step 1 at checkout:

Express checkout button functionality comes from specific payment gateways that we have implemented support for. Here is the current list:

Gateway Supported Buttons
Stripe (Official Gateway)  Apple Pay / Google Pay
PayPal for WooCommerce
PayPal Express
Braintree for WooCommerce (PaymentPlugins) Apple Pay / PayPal Express / Google Pay
Stripe for WooCommerce (PaymentPlugins) Apple Pay / Google Pay
Klarna Checkout
Klarna Checkout (toggles Klarna Checkout)
MobilePay (Has issues - gateway needs terms and conditions on first screen. Don't recommend)
Amazon Pay
Amazon Pay
Square (official WooCommerce gateway) Apple Pay, Google Pay
WooCommerce Payments
Apple Pay, Google Pay
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