Localization and Languages

CheckoutWC picks up the language that you have set in WP Admin > Settings > General > Site Language.

It also picks up the locale when translation plugins such as WPML override it.

CheckoutWC is currently translated into the following languages:

Bengali bn_BD
Chinese (China) zh_CN
Chinese (Taiwan) zh_TW
Croatian hr
Danish da_DK
Dutch nl_NL
English (South Africa) ez_ZA
Estonian et
German de_DE
Greek el
Spanish (Spain) es_ES
Spanish (Mexico) ex_MX
Finnish fi
French fr_FR
Hebrew he_IL
Hindi hi_IN
Hungarian hu_HU
Italian it_IT
Japanese ja
Korean ko_KR
Lithuanian lt_LT
Norwegian (Bokmål)
Polish pl_PL
Portuguese (Angola) pt_AO
Portuguese (Brazil) pt_BR
Portuguese (Portugal) pt_PT
Portuguese (Cape Verde) pt_CV
Russian ru_RU
Slovak sk_SK
Slovenian sl_SI
Swedish sv_SE

If your language is not included, let us know and we'll add it.

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