SmartyStreets Address Validation

Address Validation looks up the shipping address entered by your customer and attempts to verify that it is the correct address using SmartyStreets Address APIs.

Like many features, we encourage merchants to be cautious about enabling functionality like this. Requiring a customer to validate the address they entered adds some additional friction to the checkout process and could result in lower conversions.

We encourage merchants to enable this feature if they have regular issues with failed orders due to incorrect address entry.


To setup SmartyStreets, you'll need a SmartyStreets account:

If all of your customers are based in the United States, you can purchase a US Address plan. If you have low volume, you can use their free tier which includes 250 lookups a month.

If you are not based in the US or sell to multiple countries, you'll also need their International Address API:

Once you have signed up for the required APIs, you can login to SmartyStreets and access your API Keys:

You'll want to generate a Secret Key which looks like this:

You'll enter those keys in WP Admin > CheckoutWC > Checkout:

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I run out of lookups?

If you run out of lookups, address validation should fail silently and the user will be advanced to the next step without having to verify their address.

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