General Settings

Enable / Disable

You can enable or disable the Checkout for WooCommerce checkout theme by checking or unchecking the "Use Checkout for WooCommerce Template" checkbox.

IMPORTANT: The checkout theme is always enabled for admin users while Checkout for WooCommerce is active. This allows you to make changes to the settings without impacting users who are actively browsing your site.

Show Phone Fields

By default, Checkout for WooCommerce does not include phone fields on the checkout form. This is because of our philosophy of maximizing conversions through minimizing customer friction. However, we also realize that many merchants need these fields, so we have provided an easy way to enable or disable them:

NOTE: When the phone fields are enabled, they are also required. You can make them optional by adding a small amount of code to your functions.php file. But if they are optional, maybe you don't need them? 🤔🙂

Header and Footer Scripts

Some users will want to add custom tracking scripts and pixels to the checkout page. 

You can paste in any tracking scripts into the provided text boxes. 

It's also possible to enter your own custom CSS. 

NOTE: Scripts and styles must be property wrapped in <script> or <style> tags.