How To Add a Custom Field to Checkout for WooCommerce

There are a few ways to add a custom field, depending on your exact needs.

Option 1: Use WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor

WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor is the official checkout field editor plugin.

When active with CheckoutWC, only the Additional Fields tab is available:

Simply add your fields and save. 

Example configuration:

What it looks like on checkout:

Date picker expanded:

Option 2: Manually add a custom field to your functions.php file.

Here's a snippet demonstrating how to add a greeting card field:

Here's how to add a signature required checkbox:

Option 3: Use Checkout Add-ons

Checkout Add-ons can also be used for custom fields. These work best if you intend to charge extra for certain options. You can use it without charging, however each field will show up with a $0.00 price line in the totals area. 

You will need a license for Checkout Add-ons, which you can get here:

Then just follow their guide to add a custom field: