PayPal for WooCommerce

We support and recommend PayPal for WooCommerce because it provides a fast payment Express button. 

There is one caveat which is that you can only have one button enabled. This is due to the fact that PayPal renders both buttons in a single iframe, making it nearly impossible to style the buttons consistently to match other buttons, such as Buy Now above. 

In your settings, we recommend hiding the PayPal Credit button:

Also, you should set the button size to Medium:

You also should make sure that the button is configured to display:

This will ensure the button plays well with others. If you are not using other payment buttons and desire to use the credit button, you can override the styling by dropping this into your header scripts setting:

Override Checkout for WooCommerce PayPal button styles to allow for more than one smart button.

Skipping Final Review Page

Lastly, you should toggle these two options:

This will allow orders to be completed from PayPal, rather than going back to checkout for final confirmation. Thsi is desirable for two reasons:

  1. It reduces the numbers of steps required to complete an order and avoids customer confusion.
  2. There are bugs with the final review page and CheckoutWC that we haven't figured out a good solution to as of yet. (Mostly because the majority of stores don't want this page in the first place)