How To Enable Address Autocomplete

Address Autocomplete allows customers to quickly fill in their address using Google Maps JavaScript API to intelligently find their address.

If you have a Growth (5 Sites) or Agency (Unlimited Sites) license, you can enable Address Autocomplete in Settings > Checkout for WooCommerce > General:

Check the box for "Enable address autocomplete" and then fill in your Google Maps JavaScript API Key:

Then click Save Changes.

Address Autocomplete in Action

API Key Requirements

You can generate API keys in the Google Cloud Platform Console.

The Google Places API and Google Maps JavaScript API must be enabled for your project. 

API Key should be restricted to your website as referrer to prevent other's from stealing it. It's also recommended to limit the API's each key has access to to only the ones required (such as Google Places API / Google Maps JavaScript API)

The organization must have a billing agreement.

The project must be linked to one of your organization's billing agreements.