Premium Features

The Premium Features tab provides the following options:

Cart Editing

For more information on cart editing, see How To Enable Cart Editing.

Cart Editing Empty Cart Redirect

When editing the cart, a user may remove all cart items. By default when this happens, the customer will be redirected to the cart page.

If you would like to override what page the customer is redirected to, you can enter a new URL here.

Order Pay

For more information on configuring the Order Pay page, see How To Enable Order Pay Support.

Thank You Page

For more information on enabling the Thank You page template, see How to Enable and Configure the Thank You Page.

Address Autocomplete

For more information on enabling the address autocomplete feature, see How To Enable Address Autocomplete.

User Matching

User Matching allows CheckoutWC to associate guest orders with existing accounts. 

This happens when a guest order is submitted as well as when a user registers.

Order Review Step

For more information about the Order Review Step, see How to Add An Order Review Step

PHP Snippets

For more information on adding custom PHP snippets, see How To Add a Custom PHP Snippet.

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